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CBN, short for ‘Cubic Boron Nitride’, is a material that has a slightly lower hardness than diamonds. However, they are not exactly the same. Gemmata, a renowned diamond company in Belgium, likes to explain the differences to you. Diamonds are fully natural elements. CBN, on the other hand, is an industrial production, formed with boron and nitride under pressure and heat. The advantage of CBN lays in its wear resistant capabilities. The crystals are les friable making CBN ideal for grinding ferrous materials. While diamonds can cause a chemical reaction in the industrial process when it is used to grind hardened steel, CBN remains its consistency.

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The industrial purposes of different kinds of diamonds

Whenever a material is used with steels, CBN is preferred over diamonds in the industrial world. When we speak about shaping hard workpiece material like ceramics, glass or stone, diamonds maintain better qualities for this functional purpose. Considering the fact that every lab grown diamond is created for specific functionalities, it is wise to pick the one that suits your intentions best. Another possibility we offer you, besides CBN, is the CVD diamond.

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Our company Gemmata, in Antwerp, in Belgium, is your industrial diamond supplier. Since every assortment asks for specific needs, we create tailored assortments. It is a known fact that synthetic products, such as CBN, are becoming more dominant in the world of superabrasives. Therefore, our diamond company offers the whole spectrum of natural and synthetic industrial diamonds and finished products. Select the natural or synthetic diamond that fulfils all your needs and is qualified for your purposes. Read more about us and get to know our vision.

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